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2022 HELP Grant Winners

The National Housing Endowment is committed to support and invest in programs that address the ongoing needs in residential construction training.

Hardhats and building plans

Career Connections

Career Connections is a grant program that supports activities that introduce young people to the career opportunities in residential skilled trades.

Hardhats and building plans

Event: HELP Roundtable

The event brings together professors and representatives from all HELP grant recipient schools to discuss their programs and the challenges and successes.

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Empowering Students and Enriching Residential Construction We focus on building quality homes for the nation, which, when done right, requires much education, training and research. At the National Housing Endowment, we strive to always support the residential construction industry by continuing to find avenues to educate students on the many construction career opportunities available to them.
Ready to Donate? If you are interested in investing in developing ways we educate and train future generations of construction leaders and in the future of the homebuilding industry, then consider supporting National Housing Endowment’s philanthropic mission.
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Hardhats and building plans

Skilled Labor Fund

We are committed to working with you to bring labor training to your local markets.

Hardhats and building plans

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